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How do I setup task to create screenshots?
  1. First, login to the dashboard or register a new account.
  2. Next, go to your task list, then click the "Create task" button which takes you to the create task page.
  3. Finally, enter the information to create your task.
    • Task Name: This field is for you to give the task a name. This can be anything that you can use to identify this specific task. An example is: "BBC News Homepage"
    • URL: The URL field is the website link that you want to regularly take screenshots of. Note: You cannot take a screenshot of areas within a website that require you to login. You can check if the link is accessible without logging in by checking the link in an incognito or private browser.
    • Browser: This is the type of browser (User-Agent) the browser will load the website as. You can also enter a custom User-Agent if the browser you are wanting to mock is not there.
    • Every / Time: Choose how often you want our system to take a screenshot of the website. You can choose the frequency as well as the time of day that the screenshot is taken.
    • Device: This determines the device that the screenshot is taken on. This will affect the size of the screenshot and how the website looks. If required, you can also enter custom dimensions for a device that is missing or for a custom size you want.
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